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November 17, 2020 @ 4:32 pm

Changing the Narrative-Unhoused Youth: Shedding Light on Our Truth by Gayle Alvarez

You may remember Gayle Alvarez from such hits as the Changing the Narrative Unhoused Youth Gayle episode a few weeks back.  Or maybe you've had her help at The Village Family Services drop-in center for homeless youth in North Hollywood. Either way, Gayle is a social justice hero. She's come through her own trauma from using the DiC services to providing them as an employment specialist there. Her personal experience drives her to support other TAY (transitional age youth) experiencing or in danger of experiencing homelessness.   Gayle chose podcast journalism to convey the impact of mental health on homelessness. With the help of her mentor, recent USC Grad Student and independent journalist Natalie Reddington, Gayle brings you facts, resources, and encouragement. 


CTN-UY_Podbean_Gayle_solo_Shedding_light_on_our_truth_a10xa.pngGayle is also an artist. This is her work.Gayle_podcast_promo_ctn-uymp48rn45.png

Gayle in action recording her podcast episode


And that's Natalie on the right, working.



You can contact Gayle Alvarez if you are in need, or would like to give time, talents, or treasure at  The Valley Family Services  818-738-7327


Produced: Betsy Foldes Meiman

Theme Song 'True' by Haunted Horses NYC  

Sound Engineering: Joe Foldes

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November 11, 2020 @ 4:10 pm

Changing the Narrative Unhoused Youth-Stories of the TAY: Daniel

Daniel Estrada emanates gentle intelligence that is hard to imagine exposed to cruelty and neglect. He and his six siblings were taken from an abusive home and filtered separately through the foster care system.  He lived in 10 homes over 8 years, to finally be adopted at 17. With the help of his foster moms, he made it all the way to Cal Poly only to crumble under the weight of PTSD and depression. He ended up alone on the streets. But Daniel’s story is not done. His vivid imagination has always been a refuge. He is a talented writer drawing on his pain, but reshaping the events into expressive entertaining escapes.  Find out how he is finding his way back, with the help of the DiC (Drop-in Center) at The Village Family Services in North Hollywood.



Produced: Betsy Foldes Meiman

Theme Song 'True' by Haunted Horses NYC  

Sound Engineering: Joe Foldes

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