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March 5, 2018 @ 11:05 am

Mantras, Malas, and Mom - Enjoli Ferrari

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make Mala Necklaces! Vicky Benitez (10) leads the team, Angelica Benitez(13), Daniela Catalan (13)and Cuicani Lopez (7), in a wonderfully uplifting interview with Enjoli Ferarri. There are mentors, and there is Enjoli. Wonder Woman, Ghandi, and Glenda the Good Witch all rolled into one! Hear about Enjoli's personal project with her mom, Nicole, who is homeless and suffers from mental illnes. A  story of redemption, reunion and healing. 

For bonus material and an opportunity to buy mala necklaces infused with the super power of love, visit Enjoli's page in our shop. Yes! We have an online shop! Artist friends of Connectopod donate their art to fund our programming. This time we get give! 100% of the proceeds of the mala necklaces go to Enjoli and Nicole. Thank you Enjoli. We're rooting for you!

To read more about Enjoli and The Team's experience, visit our blog.

Visit it us at Connectopod. We are now officially a 501c3. Hurrah!



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