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March 10, 2020 @ 4:50 pm

LAPL NoHo workshop practice-Katherine and Diego ‘Beer vs. Virus’


Connectopod, as official LAPL performers, worked with a swell bunch of teens at The Los Angeles Public Library North Hollywood Branch. Our LAPL hour-long workshop introduces the concept of podcasting to teens.

Our goals: get kids talking and realize they have interesting things to say, demystify tech, and have some fun recording.

We don't usually post the workshops,  but we thought we'd share the experience with you this time. These clever podcasters from NoHo had about 20 minutes after we did some instructional games to create their shows that including some entertaining and insightful nuggets. These are raw episodes, no post production or music though I did edit content slightly for time.  Read more here.

 Here for your listening pleasure are first-time podcasters Diego and Katherine discussing the Corona Virus.


For special projects such as the series done for Canoga Park and a special project for Mar Vista, read more here ). 




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