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December 20, 2019 @ 1:33 pm

Changing the Narrative - Pacoima episode 7: The Vaughn Experience

The BBC (Big Brain Club) invites you on campus to have The Vaughn Experience. Eighth-grade- not always easy! First up, Wilfredo Bacca, always being caught lacking himself,  interviews security guard Aaron Camacho. In a "dope conversation" recorded by tech director Jenrry Gonzales, we learn why Mr. Camacho is respected by even the toughest of kids. The secret is he respects them. A former "lacker" himself, his empathy comes from understanding.

Then, interviewing her group partners, Jenrry and Wilfredo, producer Agueda de Santiago, highlights the challenges and success of eighth-grade life. 

 Running time: 15 min

We want to acknowledge the three students that did not turn in their media release forms. They contributed to Mr. Camacho's interview with astute questions and comments that spurred some of the answers you hear. They worked equipment and helped with the project overall behind the scenes. Good luck with volleyball and soccer!

CTNP-Podbean_Agueda_Wilfredo_Jenrry.jpegAgueda, Wilfredo, and Jenrry

CTNP_podbean_Aaron_Camacho_.jpeg Aaron Camacho

Changing the Narrative is made possible by a generous grant from The California Arts Council, a state agency. To learn more go to Thank you!

Changing the Narrative- Pacoima is produced by Betsy Foldes Meiman

The Changing the Narrative-Pacoima series is edited and engineered by Joe Foldes.

Changing the Narrative curriculum created by Andrea Lopez, BFM, with guest artists Daniel P. Castillo, and Joe Foldes.

Music for this episode can be found here:

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