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January 17, 2020 @ 1:18 pm

Changing the Narrative-Pacoima episode 8: A Murder Mystery

You can't change the narrative if you don't address what the existing narrative is. The existing narrative of Pacoima is violence. It is violent. Over a six month period in 2019, there were 165 violent crimes. Compare that to 103 in Northridge or 66 in Sherman Oaks. The perception of violence is so normalized for Pacoima that it barely gets reported.  How does that weigh on young minds and souls? For Sergio Gonzalez, it weighs heavy.  When there was a murder on his block, it wasn't even reported on. To Sergio, that is the Murder Mystery he sought to solve. 

What is missing from the violent narrative of Pacoima is the strength and empathy of a community that rallies. To help him make sense of a difficult truth, Sergio turned to Lorenzo and Eric Chapman, two of the co-founders of The Gr818ers. As Pacoima natives and veterans of it's violent heritage, they acknowledge that violence, but show how it doesn't have to define who you are. 


Changing the Narrative is made possible by a generous grant from The California Arts Council, a state agency. To learn more go to Thank you!

Changing the Narrative- Pacoima is produced by Betsy Foldes Meiman

The Changing the Narrative-Pacoima series is edited and engineered by Joe Foldes.

Changing the Narrative curriculum created by Andrea Lopez, BFM, with guest artists Daniel P. Castillo, and Joe Foldes.



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