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August 3, 2017 @ 7:14 pm

Jessica Jewell, Gem of Tree People

Connectopod sits down (in a yurt!!) with Jessica Jewell, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Tree People. Reporters Angelica Benitez, Daniela Catalan and Victoria Benitez, dig for details as Jessica shares how she tends the new shoots of social media for an organization that took root 40 years ago in Los Angeles. We also learned the many branches of Tree People: tree planting, education, conservation, and more.  Are you ready for one more pun? The reporters synthesised the sunny disposition of Jessica as we learned of her inspiration. Too sappy?

We have way more info than we could fit into our 7 minute episode so watch for some follow up in the coming weeks!

The reporters ended the day with a personalized Jessica Jewell Tour of Tree People. Nothing like the beauty of nature to inspire the green heart.

Thank you Jessica. Thank you Tree People. 




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