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May 6, 2015 @ 12:31 am

Free Styling Weirdness

Daniela Catalan hosts this month Greatest MEND Podcast which finds Laz Meiman talking about those Kooky Romans, Angelica Benitez's instructions for your very own zombie roach cyborg, and Daniela's zoo of weird animals. It's the GMP freestyle! Everybody did a segment on whatever interested them. Very revealing!

 We also have some new developments here at the GMP. Daniela the tech wiz has added musical scoring to her growing list of podcasting talents. She created two pieces for this month's podcast. Angie tried on the associate producer hat and put together all the pieces of this month's puzzle.
 And we have have a new member. Really new! She's the youngest podcaster yet. Welcome second grader extraordinaire, Victoria Benitez!
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