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March 11, 2015 @ 1:56 pm

The GMP Cornerstone Experience

The Lady Gaga of hosts is back! Johana Jimenez introduces our latest podcast adventure of awesomeness. We took the podcast on the road. As a follow up to last months Cornerstone Theater Company interview, the team goes deep into the workings of Cornerstone's Pacoima production of "California: The Tempest!"

First up Angelica Benitez interviews director Michael John Garces  in rehearsal at Pacoima City Hall. Daniela Catalan catches the unrehearsed reaction of theater goers at the Caesar Chavez Learning Academy after the show. And last but certainly not least, Brisa Quintana and Johana Jimenez  join the production for a first hand look at what it takes to be an actor in a professional show. 

And this month I am proud to say that our youngest member of the team, Daniela Catalan, also turns out to be a talented editor. She edited her own segment! Way to go, Daniela.

Produced by Betsy Foldes Meiman
Original theme song by Laz Meiman
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