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January 24, 2015 @ 2:22 pm

The Big Question with Cornerstone Theater Company

The Podcast team, Angelica Benitez, Daniela Catalan, Johana Jimenez, and Brisa Quintana

bring a special edition of The Big Question. Today's episode finds them interviewing Cesar Ortega and Karen Covarubias of Cornerstone Theater Company. Cornerstone is celebrating a decade of summer residencies  throughout California with a "Bridge Tour" connecting all 10 resident communities with one play: California: The Tempest. Next stop-Pacoima! Get to know and love Cornerstone with the  pack from Pacoima, the Power Pod Girls.....The Greatest MEND Podcast
To find out more, visit their website:
“Cornerstone is a modern miracle that has never stopped believing in the power of art.”
– Amy Brenneman, Founding Member
Producer: Betsy Foldes Meiman  Origianl Music: Laz Meiman
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