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June 24, 2014 @ 11:31 am

The Greatest Mend Podcast- Last episode for 2013-14 with special guest Levi Ponce

Big beautiful murals have blossomed all over Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima in the last year. The queens of podcast, Brisa Quintana and Johana Jimenez interview muralist Levi Ponce! After a walking tour of the twenty murals on "Mural Mile" the girls did a little research and contacted  Mr. Ponce, a Pacoima native,  who gladly agreed to come to MEND for an interview. 

A bunch of adjectives for Levi: young, handsome, funny, gracious, smart, prolific, industrious, daring, humble, visionary, generous, and most of all-TALENTED! At 27 he has over 50 murals to his name across the country, and is working with New Line Cinema as a special effects animation artist. 
And in a hot news scoop the girls discovered Levi has been chosen to represent the Americas  in a mural at the innauguration of the Museum of Contemporary Art in  Merida, Yucatan Mexico on July 18th! He plans to incorporate Pacoima imagery. Good Luck!
See some of his awesome murals here:
We can say we knew him when! Thank you Levi Ponce,  for coming to MEND!
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