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September 25, 2019 @ 1:01 pm

Changing the Narrative Pacoima ep. 2: Create! with Muralist Levi Ponce

Research for Changing the Narrative Pacoima continues! International muralist and Pacoima homey Levi Ponce dropped by to visit our podcasters at Vaughn Next Century Learning Center to share his artistic journey to fame, fortune, and happiness (hint- it has to do with doing what you love and sharing the joy of your talents to uplift your community). After Levi's presentation of past, present and future murals, first-time podcasters Agueda de Santiago and Aiden Robles Mares lead the group Q & A. Turns out Levi is quite comfortable in the "hot seat" and even turned the tables by grabbing the mic and interviewing Agueda about her art! Always lighthearted and fun, he manages to dive deep. Levi is a dynamic artist in every medium, including this one! 

Changing the Narrative Pacoima is supported in part by a generous grant from the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at 

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  Changing the Narrative is Produced by Betsy Foldes Meiman

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